The Official Softube
& Weiss Buying Guide


With epic partnerships come truly epic gear. Scroll to discover which Weiss is right for you.



The Complete Mastering Studio


Seven essential Weiss products—DS1-MK3, EQ1, MM-1, EQ MP, Compressor/Limiter, Deess, and Gambit Series for Console 1—developed in close collaboration with Weiss Engineering and fully endorsed by Daniel Weiss. Complete Collection gives you the renowned Weiss mastering capabilities sought after by studios the world over.

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The Code-ported Originals


Weiss trusted us to port DS1-MK3, in part, because of our mastery over SHARC DSP programming. The complex process of porting the original Weiss code line-by-line means that DS1-MK3 and EQ1 are exact replicas of the hardware legends found in top studios.

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The Sure-fire Maximizer


MM-1 Master Maximizer boasts the same tech as DS1-MK3 and five varieties of limiting. It gives you the perfect amount of influence over the feel of your masters and the ability to get loud—the right way. Plus, it’s low-key amazing on a mix.

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The Specialized Tools


EQ MP combines EQ1s transparency, super sharp accuracy, and the perfect number of bands for big mix sessions. Compressor/Limiter has the algorithms of DS1-MK3 with modern features to tackle the body of your sound. And Deess offers the sonics of DS1-MK3 plus two independent bands.

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The Transparent Channel Strip for Console 1


Gambit Series for Console 1 boasts the best features of the two most revered digital processors: DS1-MK3 and EQ1. Layered with characteristic Softube extras—like below-threshold compression—the result is a clean, sharp channel strip that brings the sparkling sound of Weiss to Console 1.

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Softube & Weiss: Meeting of the Minds

Weiss has been a pioneer in digital audio equipment design since 1979. That’s when Weiss founder, Daniel Weiss, joined Willi Studer AG in Switzerland as an engineer. In 1985, Weiss struck out on his own and founded Weiss Engineering with a focus on pioneering digital audio equipment for mastering studios. The result of that endeavor is now legend.

Softube’s relationship with Weiss started in 2008 when we were first introduced to Daniel Weiss. Despite having so many guiding principles in common, it wasn’t until 2015 that we got serious about working together. Three years—and some blood, sweat, and tears—later, the Softube + Weiss DS1-MK3 plug-in was unveiled to great fanfare. And the tradition continues.

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