Softube Central

For effortless installation and activation of your Softube products


Softube Central is the all-in-one installer that handles installation and license activation of your Softube products. You can find links to download it in My Account when you have linked your iLok.

Once logged in to the Softube Central app, using your Softube account credentials, you will have a clear overview of your Softube products, how many authorizations you have at your disposal, and the ability to install your plug-ins with only a few clicks.


Keep your plug-ins up-to-date

  • The 'Install All' button at the top will install all your Softube plug-ins with one click.
  • As soon as there's an update available, you'll get a notification and the 'Install All' button will turn into an 'Update All' button.
  • You can also select to install single plug-ins using the 'Install' button next to each plug-in. 
  • Tip! Softube Central will install all plug-in formats that are available for your system. The installed formats are shown in bold next to each plug-in. Hover over each plug-in format to get some more info about them. 
  • Tip! The version number of your plug-ins is listed beneath each product, with the installed version to the left and the latest version to the right. 

Manage your activations

  • Softube Central will give you a clear overview of how many authorizations you have at your disposal.
  • Will let you choose if you want to authorize your licenses to your machine or to an iLok dongle. 
  • Did you know? Almost all Softube licenses contain three authorizations, so you can run the license on up to three locations (machines and/or iLok:s) simultaneously.  
  • Tip: Remember to de-activate your machine-based authorizations before you quit your work on a specific machine. This way, you'll free up those authorizations and they'll be ready for activation on another machine. 

Designed for a smoother experience

  • Softube Central will ask the system registry where the system's default plug-in folders are, and installs to those folders. 
  • If you just want to grab the actual installation files, Softube Central will let you do so by clicking 'Install' followed by 'Download only'. 
  • To make Softube Central work as intended, you'll need to have an iLok linked. You'll get a friendly reminder from Softube Central if you haven't completed the linking. 

In short

  • Handles installation of all your Softube plug-ins
  • The new license manager for Softube 
  • Everything in one place, for a smoother experience

What do you think?

We thrive on feedback from our users, so please don't hesitate for a second to send us an email and let us know what you think about Softube Central.