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Flexible and easy to use with huge sonic range

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Each and every component carefully modeled​

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Individual bypass for each of the two units saves CPU power​

Channel strip / Console 1 Ready

Summit Audio Grand Channel

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Combining the smooth operating EQF-100 parametric passive equalizer with the mild but authoritative TLA-100A compressor, Summit Audio Grand Channel is a highly versatile channel strip that will cover a large part of your mixing needs.

Having the two combined in a single plug-in makes adjustments easier, as you will often find that the compressor affects the equalizer and vice versa. By default, the sound reaches the equalizer before the compressor, but you can easily reverse the order with a single switch.


"Softube has outdone itself. The TLA-100A plug-in is a testament to what can be achieved in hardware modeling when attention is paid to the smallest details of design."

Zach McNees
Producer/engineer/mixer/live recordist (Pixies, Rob Thomas, Björk, Alice Cooper, Liars, The Gregory Brothers)

The granddaddy of channel strips

Grand Channel combines two Summit Audio standard-bearers in stunning synergy. The warm and smooth tone sculpting king EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer, and the luxe and dead-simple TLA-100A Compressor.


A compressor beyond compare

The TLA-100A is easy to use and never sounds small or constrained. Gently, it keeps vocals, acoustic guitars, and bass in place. On the master bus, TLA-100A can bring a disjointed mix together.


The epitome of equalization

The tone sculpting EQF-100 is super smooth and highly flexible. It can add an enormous low-end and silky top to your mixes, plus carve out or boost narrow parts of the mid-range.



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Extended Features

We love VU meters, Bakelite knobs, and analog quirks. But we want modern precision and workflow. The answer? Softube Extended Features. Easy-access panels with the innovations you need close at hand


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"I like the Tube-Tech Classic Channel and the Summit Audio Grand Channel on bass, mandolin, and vocals to help warm or fatten them up. I switch between the two units, depending on the original signal or timbre of the instrument."

Bil VornDick
Marty Robbins, Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent

What's Included

Grand Channel

Summit Audio combined the best of vintage tube design with a modern sensibility in EQF-100 and TLA-100A. They wanted these units to stand the test of time. Today, the beauty of both lives on in one grand channel strip plug-in.


Flexible and smooth, the Summit Audio EQF-100 sets the standard for passive equalizer design. And, with its sweet sound, it can solve most of the tonality issues you might encounter in a mix.

Learn more about eqf-100


The Summit Audio TLA-100A is a classic compressor that graces every top-tier studio around the world. The plug-in version comes with modern additions, such as Parallel Compression, Saturation Control, and Low-cut Filtering.

Learn more about TLA-100A

Grand Channel for Console 1

Believe it or not, Grand Channel gets even better when you use it with Console 1. With seamless integration into the Console 1 workflow, Grand Channel provides intuitive hands-on control over a sonic giant.

Learn more about console 1 mixing system



"...a first-choice channel strip plug-in that makes just about anything sound better." 4/5



"A studio classic, the TLA-100A brings diamond-standard volume levelling and tube saturation to your desktop. Beautiful!" 4.5/5



"Simply put, if you’d reach for it in the rack, you can feel comfortable reaching for it in your plug-in list knowing that the rich and smooth TLA sound we’ve all come to love will deliver."


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Console 1 Ready

These plug-ins can be used within Console 1, our mixing system. Click to learn more.

In short

  • Flexible and easy to use with huge sonic range.
  • Individual bypass for each of the two units saves CPU power.
  • Change the order of the equalizer and compressor with a single switch.
  • Each and every component carefully modeled.
  • Extremely analog behavior of frequencies, phase, distortion, attack, release, etc.
  • System requirements

    • Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14
    • Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11
    • Softube account
    • iLok account
    • Computer with AU, VST, VST3 and/or AAX compatible DAW host software
    • Internet access (for downloading installers and managing licenses)

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